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Helping farmers market profitably is a commitment Heartland takes very seriously.  Our grain department represents a complex network of storage and terminal shipping facilities dispersed throughout the landscape of central / east-central Iowa.  It is Heartland's objective to offer fast, easy access to a variety of grain markets that drive competitive grain bids for our patrons.

Heartland's diverse market access reaches from local processors to livestock producers throughout the U.S., as well as international buyers and exporters that take Iowa's grain worldwide.   Our regional grain terminals and multiple Rail Road unit-train loading system provide the flexibility needed to be a reliable suppler to the consumers of Iowa grain and the negotiating power that delivers optimal returns for our owner members.

Heartland believes it's important to assist our growers with a variety of grain marketing programs and to provide risk management tools which meet their individual needs.  Grain origination specialists and opportunities such as our "condo storage" and accumulator program demonstrate innovation and leadership which sets Heartland apart from our competitors. 

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