Heartland Co-op's Grain Acceptance Policy

Continuing our efforts to support biotechnologies that possess both economic and environmental benefits to our customers, Heartland Co-op will accept all varieties of corn and soybeans that are currently listed as "Approved” for both domestic and export markets.  Call to find a Heartland Co-op location handling these traits nearest to you.

To comply with the channeling requirements of each unapproved variety, we require that producers notify Heartland Co-op facility personnel prior to delivery so that efforts can be made for segregation of these grains to designated facilities.  Not all Heartland facilities will be accepting varieties if they are not approved for ALL markets.

If you are in doubt as to whether your grain is of an approved or unapproved variety, please contact your Heartland Co-op agronomist or seed dealer for clarification.  Additionally, the National Corn Growers Association website located at // provides a listing of all unapproved events.