Accumulator with Guaranteed Quantity or PSS Either/Or

These prices are for information only and subject to change.  Please contact a grain originator for current quotes.


Producer wants at the money protection with upside potential

Current Futures                     $4.80

Protection level                     $4.80

Accumulation Level              $5.00  

Pricing Barrier                       $4.50

Start Date:                             10/23/13

End Date:                               11/21/14       

Bushels Committed:              10,000

Pricing Periods                        274         Days

Bushels/Pricing Period          36.50

Double up Price                      $5.00      (Euro Double) 


  • This agreement will price the committed bu. divided by the number of pricing periods (Eg. 10,000/215 = 46.51/day) using the following terms:
  • Each pricing day that Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) reference month is above the Pricing Barrier, that day's bushels will be priced at the Accumulation Level.
  • If at any point the CBOT reference month market touches the Pricing Barrier, the remaining un-priced bushels will be priced at the Protection Level.
  • If the CBOT reference month closing price is at or above the Accumulation Level on the End Date of this agreement, and has not been knocked out, then an additional amount of bushels equal to the original bushel commitment will be priced at theAccumulation Level.. (In this example an additional 10,000 bu. will be priced at $6.32.
  • A hedge to arrive contract will be issued on the priced bushels at the end of this agreement.



* **There is a .05 cent fee for this agreement that will be deducted from the price when the agreement is through pricing.***