Propane Emergency Phone Number - 888.588.7535

Please use this emergency only number if you are out of gas or have a propane leak that occurs either on a weekend, holiday, or after 5:00 PM on a week day.


Propane Safety Tips

Propane is a safe energy source when handled properly. Your propane system is like any other equipment and must be checked and upgraded periodically to maintain a safe system. If you need to have your propane system checked, please contact your location hub to schedule an appointment. 

If you smell a propane leak...

- Get everyone out of the home & away from the area
- Attempt to shut off the valves at the tank
- Call your propane supplier &/or the local fire department
- Do not attempt to locate the leak
- Do not attempt to repair your appliance or ignite your pilot light
- Do not turn light switches on or off inside the home
- Do not use a telephone inside the home
- Do not light matches anywhere inside or near the home

If you are out of gas...

- Contact your local propane sales expert
- Customer must be present when driver arrives to deliver the product
- A leak check must be performed after re-filling the tank
- If a leak is found, it must be repaired before service is resumed