Value and Service from the Heartland Co-op Agronomy Department

Heartland Co-op is a value-based, full-service agronomy company focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. We provide a full suite of agronomic input products such as seed, crop nutrients, and crop protection products to provide optimum plant health and maximum yield results. Precision Ag and information management is our cornerstone for proven results.

Heartland Co-op sales reps can be contacted by calling your nearest service location.

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4" Soil Temperature Maps

U.S. Drought Monitor

Farm Field Manager Update

Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance

Pursuit of 300 (Bushels per acre)


  • Crop NutritionAnhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
    • UAN (28% or 32%)
    • Urea (46-0-0)
    • Phosphate MAP (11-52-0)
    • Phosphate MESZ MicroEssentials (12-40-0-10S-1Zn)
    • Potash (0-0-61)
    • Mixed Fluids
    • Micronutrients
    • Lime 
  • Seed Solutions
    • Partners include: Croplan, Monsanto, Syngenta, Mycogen, Stine, and Forage First
    • Small Seed products
    • Cover Crop management
    • Seed Treatment options
    • Bulk Seed
    • Seed Tenders
    • Seed Financing
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