Corn Commentary
Corn Recovers Thursday Losses Before Weekend -

Corn futures came all the way back from the Thursday sell off, and even gained some ground with futures closing 13 3/4 to 9 3/4 cents higher. March

Midday Corn on the Rebound -

Corn futures are rebounding 5 3/4 8 1/4 cents per bushel in midday trades, erasing most of yesterday’s double digit losses so far. The USDA’s

Corn Market Up 2 to 3 This Morning -

Corn futures rebounded 2 to 3 cents per bushel overnight. Yesterday, corn futures fell by as much as 12 cents in the nearbys. National average cash

Corn Falls Double Digits -

Corn futures dropped the day after Phase One, falling by as much as 12 cents in the nearbys. National average cash corn from cmdtyView was also

Thursday Selling in Corn -

Corn futures are back down today, with the March and July contracts are leading the way down as much as 8 cents. The USDA’s weekly Export Sales

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Soybean Commentary
Beans Bounce A Bit -

The 5 3/4 cent gain in the March futures was not enough to erase the 16 1/4 cent loss on the week, however front month soybean futures did finish 5

Soy Prepares for Weekend with Fractional Losses -

Soybean futures are trading fractionally lower at midday so far. Soybean meal futures are also down by $0.70/ton, but bean oil futures are up by 14

Soybean Market Stabilizes -

Soybean traders nudged futures fractionally lower overnight. On Thursday selling, front month bean futures fell by 4 to 4 3/4 cents. Soybean meal

Soy Market Mostly Lower on Thursday -

Front month bean futures fell by 4 to 4 3/4 cents on Thursday selling, with Mar and May futures down the most. Soybean meal futures closed up by

Beans Lower at Midday -

Losses in the soybean market continue through Thursday so far, with the front month soybean contracts posting 2 3/4 to 3 1/4 cent losses so far.

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Wheat Commentary
Wheat Higher on Friday -

Wheat closes the week with Friday gains, and MPLS spring wheat led the way. MGE HRS futures were 8 1/2 to 9 3/4 cents higher at the close, which was

Wheat Higher at Fridays Midday -

The wheat market is looking to make some gains going into the weekend, with spring wheat leading the way. MGE HRS wheat futures are up by 6 3/4

Wheat Verdict Mixed -

So far, the wheat market verdict is mixed. Chicago is up 1 1/2 cents, MPLS is close to UNCH, and KC is beginning Friday 1 to 2 lower. The wheat

Wheat Market Down as Much as Triple Digits -

The wheat market closed the Thursday session lower with KC winter wheat leading the way. KC HRW futures closed down 11 1/2 to 11 3/4 cents. Chicago

Wheat Market Dropping for Thursday Midday -

Winter wheat market losses are hovering double digits with KC leading the way down. Midday KC HRW futures are down by a dime, while SRW futures are

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